New Rider - 2 HOURS: $200

New Rider - 2 HOURS: $200

Learn To Ride

If you’ve never ridden a manual motorcycle equipped with a clutch and gears before, or it’s been some time since you did, then this course is right for you. 

What is included:

You’ll get two hours of comprehensive one-on-one training from a highly qualified instructor, designed to build your confidence and skill. This session will introduce you to the controls of a motorbike, how to move off, ride slowly in a straight line and stop safely. 

Also covered is riding through a curve, changing gears, use of indicators, when and how to do a ‘lifesaver’ check, riding alternating curves (a figure of eight), parking and stopping in an emergency.

We provide the motorcycle and can provide a helmet, jacket and gloves if you have not yet purchased them. 

After the course:

Following the completion of the training, your instructor will advise you whether a repeat two-hour session is required, or that you have developed the skills and competency in order to progress to the next level, the combined NOVICE RIDER training and Basic Handling Skills Test (BHST)

Check availability and book this New Ride course through our CALENDAR or CONTACT US for more advice and information.