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COVID 19-Traffic Light System

We are classified as a Close Proximity Business under the Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Lights).
Under Red and Orange, we prefer that you are fully vaccinated on the date of any training and be able to produce a current “My Vaccine Pass” which can either be digital or on paper. If you are unvaccinated then we require physical evidence of a negative RATS test on the day of your course.

All LoveMoto staff are fully vaccinated and can produce a vaccination pass upon request.  

If you have any queries regarding vaccination status and your booking with us, please contact us by email:

You can also read more detail on our Covid policy by clicking here

Beginner to experienced, we offer training for all skill levels, from New and Novice riders through to Restricted and Full Licences, and also deliver subsidised ACC Ride Forever courses in Otago, Southland and Canterbury. 

See our calendar for our full course schedule. 

With a 100% UK Police training background, the team at Love Motorcycle Training will coach you through to success. 

We would love to see you on a course, developing those riding skills in order to become a safer rider.

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LOVE learning with us

Really enjoyed the day, Daniel explained and demonstrated the training well and was positive in his coaching style. Daniel definitely had the experience and the credibility to back up the training. He challenged some of our perceptions and gave us some skills to further hone. I believe my riding style got smoother (and therefore safer) throughout the day without having to ride any slower. Would definitely recommend this course, training and trainer to anyone who rides. I have been riding for 50 years (since I was 6), and learnt a lot in one day……50 years later. Also a great day out on the bike with others who also love a good ride. It was fun, social and instructive.
Thanks Dan , awesome day we’ll run and took into account all abilitys in our group hope we weren’t to hard on you , rest assured that I would definitely recommend your course to others .thanks heaps
I had such a great time on the Urban course with Dan. Dan’s passion and knowledge of everything motorcycles and helping us better our skills and knowledge is so inspiring. I learnt so much during what was a big and challenging day of riding given my limited experience but came away with my restricted license despite a number of faults. Dan’s gentle but upfront and constructive approach to feedback about my riding has meant that I can take all of this on board and go out and practice all the principles he has taught me that I cannot appreciate enough. Thank you so much for such a positive, constructive and fun day of learning, I’ll definitely be booking in on another course with you when the time is right.
Dan is an incredible instructor. Not only does he have exceptional knowledge about bike handling and safety but he is also able to explain the mechanics and physics behind riding, which was helpful to learn about. He is very good at scaffolding the learning so that you are always pushed to learn more, but in a way that is safe yet still challenging. I went from never riding to feeling confident to zip around changing gears in less than an hour, which–as someone who was nervous to ride–is certainly impressive. Strongly recommend for anyone just learning or wanting to improve their safety skills/knowledge of riding.
These two are the best. Very patient and articulated feedback about where I needed to work on, how and why. I was taken through the workings of the bike, kitted up and taken through each step of riding - at my own pace. Very, very highly recommend.
Instructors are awesome and very knowledgeable. The course content was great and presented in a relaxed and easy to follow manner. On-road practical riding and guidance was exactly what you need, when you need it. Overall a great experience, and the knowledge gained is invaluable. Left there feeling a more confident rider. Will definitely encourage others to do these courses, and will do more of these myself.
Recently l undertook the Learn to Ride Course and completed BHST with Dan and Lesley. Dan’s professionalism and patience were second to none!Lesley was very supportive and calm me down when l got nervous which help me a lot to get through the test. I would highly recommend Love Motorcycle training to anyone looking into or considering it.See you for the next stage Dan and Lesley
My many thanks to Instructor Dan and Lesley.
I went into this not expecting much but I took a hell of a lot from this course and highly recommend it. I’ve been riding a long time and really enjoyed putting the things I learnt into practice over the weekend, thanks, I’m looking forward to doing it again!
Dan and Lesley Love provide a brilliant course, shaped to fit with existing abilities, and aspirations, of all manner of riders. All topics are up for discussion, with anecdotes a-plenty, and keen to learn of others experiences. My having completed 2 courses with them, i will probably make it an annual “refresher” to maintain focus.
Really enjoyed the day. Lots of useful information and guidance. Useful practical skills explained simply and clearly. Thanks Dan and Lesley, your laid back nature and wealth of knowledge and experience made for a thoroughly enjoyable and educational day. I look forward to completing the licensing process with you in the future.