LOVE to ride? Become a better rider with us. 

There’s only something to gain by upping your motorcycle skills and learning to be a safer rider. Trevor, Debbie and Wynn are the representatives of the only motorcycle training company in the South Island with a 100% U.K Police training background. Get professional motorcycle instruction throughout Otago, Clutha, Southland, Central Otago, Canterbury & Dunedin.

As a team, they’ve been trained in advanced motorcycle handling, helping you be as safe and secure as possible while out on the road. From the daily commute to advanced riding techniques, the Love Motorcycle Training team coach you through the important skills you need to progress through each step of your Motorcycle licence whilst developing your on-road skills and awareness of other road users. 

For us, it’s not just about ticking the boxes and getting you through the hoops of your licence. We want you to have the skills, confidence and expertise you need to be a competent motorcycle rider. We want you to know what can happen, how to handle a range of situations and key techniques that can make you a better motorcycle rider.

Please check our feedback page for examples of the feedback we receive for our work. 

The more skills and knowledge you have, the more equipped you are to deal with any situation on the road. It’s not just a smart thing to do, but the courses are fun and hugely rewarding. Yes, you’ll gain your licence, but you’ll also gain a huge sense of achievement.

Get friendly, patient and expert tuition, enabling you to pass your Learner, Restricted and Full Licence assessments with confidence and ease. Be a safer motorcycle rider and LOVE your skills.