Licence Process

Love Motorcycle Training Licence Process

Here’s a detailed step-by-step of how to get an NZ Motorcycle Licence, after having a read through this, if you still have any more questions, check out our FAQs, get in touch via Facebook or Instagram or just contact us.


Step 1: The Practical side of your Learner Motorcycle Licence

We have two options here, providing you are over 16 years of age:

New Rider Training

This course is aimed at those who have never ridden a two-wheeled motorcycle with clutch and gears or have MINIMAL experience and require some refresher training. It is two hours of comprehensive instruction designed to build your confidence and skill level. On completion of this course your instructor will advise you whether a repeat session is required, or that you have developed the skills to move onto the Novice Rider Training & BHST. 


Novice Rider Training & BHST

This training is for someone who has previous experience riding a two wheeled motorcycle with a clutch and manually operated gears. It is an hour of training of the skills required to pass the learners test, followed by the Basic Handling Skills Test (BHST) if you are ready.

It is not a session to teach you how to ride a motorcycle. You are expected to be able to ride a two wheeled manual geared motorcycle to a good standard. We will teach you the additional skills on top of this skill set in order to meet the BHST standards.

Use of the bike is included. If required we can provide a jacket, helmet and gloves.

Please ensure that you come dressed in suitable clothing and footwear. Footwear should be flat soled and cover the entire foot & ankle, steel toe capped boots are not suitable. As per our cancellation policy : We will not proceed with the training if you arrive inappropriately dressed i.e. in shorts or cropped pants or jandals.

To book one of these courses, click on a location below to find a course in your area:





This link is a guide to help you through the course criteria:

There are several videos on YouTube that demonstrate the Basic Handling Skills Test too.


Step 2: The Theory-side of your Learner Motorcycle Licence

Before your Learner Licence can be issued you need to pass your Motorcycle Theory Test this can be done at a Licensing Agent i.e. VTNZ or AA.

The cost is approximately $95 for the Theory Test and Licence application fee.

You can practice some free online tests via this link:

Once you are getting scores of 32 out of 35 and above,  go and sit your Theory Test with one of the Licensing Agents.

On passing the Theory Test, you will be issued with a temporary motorcycle Learner Licence which you need to carry with you until NZTA send through your new Licence. 

From this point, you can ride a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAMS) and are subject to the conditions of a Learner Licence holder.


Step 3: Practical Training for your Restricted Licence

We strongly recommend that you invest is some on-road training!

The best option for this would be to attend a Bronze or Urban ACC Ride Forever Course which we provide in Dunedin, Central Otago, Southland and Canterbury on a regular basis.

These are priced at $20 or $50, depending on your choice of course, with ACC meeting the rest of the cost. 

You will need a LAMS approved bike to attend if you are a Learner or Restricted Licence holder, and if required (at certain locations) we can loan you a motorcycle for the day.

Dates for the upcoming ACC Ride Forever Courses can be found by selecting your location - Dunedin, Otago, Canterbury, or Southland and viewing the calendar.


Step 4: Sitting your Restricted Licence

CBTA Restricted Assessment 

If you choose to book this with us, you do not have to wait six months before sitting this Assessment.

We can usually work out a course combination that includes training and your Restricted Licence Assessment in a small group environment, or we can arrange one on one tuition for $110 per hour prior to your assessment. Just let us know your preference. Again, if you need a LAMS approved bike we can arrange this.

During this time, you can sit Ride Forever courses to further develop your riding skills. 

Find out more information about how the CBTA assessment system is applied via this link::

Step 5: Sitting your Full Motorcycle Licence

CBTA Full Assessment

12 months from the date your Restricted is applied to your Licence, (check the date on the back of your Driving Licence) you can come back and do your Full Motorcycle Licence assessment. 

We do generally recommend that you attend a Silver Ride Forever course, prior to sitting your Full Assessment, just to polish up those wee bad habits you may have developed over the year.