Adventure Riding 101

Adventure Riding 101

with Sam Rowntree

A full day of learning

The adventure 101 is a course to give people the basic tools to enable them to journey beyond the paved road environment. Living in the South Island you’ll soon discover that 85% of the roads are not tar sealed so your limit motorcycle travel, when you can venture into those hided gems off the beaten path.

The course Covers everything from bike and rider setup through to body posture both seated and standing. The perception by many is that riding on the road regardless of its construction is the same, however you’ll soon discover that simple changes to your riding style will make significant differences in both safety and confidence.

We start off gently with stopping and starting followed by some basic turning exercises both seated and standing before a short ride takes us to small climb where we cover hill technics. Another short ride incorporating some of Canterbury’s historic sites takes us to an early lunch. This gives us an opportunity to discuss the morning and run through what the afternoon has in store.

The afternoon will give people an opportunity to hone their skills as we embark on an adventure. This insight into the world of adventure riding allows us to cover road craft and river crossings as experience and confidence grows throughout the rest of the day before a final stop and chance to reflect on the day we’ve had.

The course is designed for beginners to intermediate riders, but even if you’ve already dipped your toe into the world of adventure riding, you may find there’s a few things that you didn’t evening consider which will improve your safety and give you the confidence to take that adventure to the next level.

Every adventure starts with the first step and then its up to you where it takes you.

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