Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive Driving Courses

Christchurch & Rangiora

Love Motorcycle is able to provide AA Defensive Driving Courses in Christchurch & Rangiora.

By developing the skills needed to steer clear of a car accident, you’ll be able to move from your restricted to a full driving licence six months sooner (or three months if you’re aged over 25 years). You’ll be able to attend a defensive driving course once you’ve had your learner licence for 4 months (or have had at least 50 hours driving experience). Restricted licence holders can attend as soon as they have their restricted licence.

Even full licence holders benefit from completing the Defensive Driving Course. If you're a police recruit, a court referral, completing a Police Diversion programme or want to refresh your driving knowledge and skill base, you’ve come to the right place.

To Book your Defensive Driving Course, click the link below and select the relevant course.
NOTE: Defensive Driving courses are colour TURQUOISE