Restricted Licence Assessment - $200

Restricted Licence Assessment - $200

CBTA Assessment

Once you have a Learner Motorcycle Licence, you can move straight up to a Restricted Licence without waiting for six months as a Learner by completing this assessment.

(Some conditions apply, CONTACT US for more information).

About the assessment:

The CBTA Assessment, including briefing and a debrief takes about two hours and covers around 40 kilometres. You are followed by an NZTA qualified instructor/assessor whilst being continually assessed against set criteria. 

It covers most of the riding situations you could expect to encounter, including urban riding, interacting with traffic, motorway and rural riding, so it’s important to know how to deal with these differing situations. 

Love Motorcycle Training provide heavily subsidised training courses through the RIDE FOREVER training programme with courses starting at as little as $20.

We strongly recommend the completion of a BRONZE Ride Forever Course PRIOR to sitting the Restricted CBTA Assessment. 

View the details of the BRONZE course by clicking HERE or browse and book a course in your area by clicking the location you require below: 





What you need to have:

  • A valid New Zealand Learner Motorcycle Licence (Class 6) which does not expire before you sit the CBTA Restricted Assessment.

  • A fully road-worthy LAMS approved motorcycle that has a securely attached ‘L’ plate at the rear. Road-worthy includes but not limited to; correctly inflated tyres, all lights working, fuel in the tank and current Registration and WOF.

  • A legal helmet and ideally protective motorcycle clothing, including jacket gloves and pants.

If you don’t have a bike, or are struggling for gear, we can hire you a late model motorcycle and a helmet, jacket and gloves for the duration of your training and also your subsequent CBTA assessment. 

CONTACT US to ask your question and find out more.

After the CBTA assessment:

Your riding performance is discussed, and you will be provided with specific feedback designed to encourage continuing skills development, which may (or may not) include the recommendation that you undertake further training. 

Having successfully completed the CBTA Assessment, you are then issued with a pass certificate which you exchange for a Restricted Motorcycle Licence at one of the NZ Licensing Agents such as the AA or VTNZ. There is an additional cost which you will need to pay at the licensing agent.

CONTACT US if you would like to combine both a BRONZE course with the Restricted CBTA Assessment.