ACC Ride Forever

This full-day course is ideal for assisting riders on a Restricted Licence reach their Full Licence or as a skills refresher for returning riders.

What you’ll get out of it

Key vision skills like vanishing points and looking through corners. Improved ability to identify and avoid hazards. Better understanding of the bike’s capabilities including tyre grip. How to enter, apex and exit precisely, and use bodyweight for stability.

On the day

The day begins with a briefing and safety check then moves onto a mix of urban and rural roads. Some roads will be more challenging with higher speed sections. Practicing skills may take place off-highway with several stops for assessment, including a lunch break.

Courses WILL run in wet weather.

Ensure you wear protective motorcycle clothing, top to toe, waterproofs are recommended, and as we will stop for lunch bring some money or a pack-up if you prefer.

Your motorcycle must be warranted, registered and roadworthy; it’s best to arrive with a full tank of fuel.

Contact us for more information or book the ACC Ride Forever Silver course in your area by clicking the location you require below: