Wynn Owen

Wynn Owen

As a young lad, I developed a deep interest and curiosity in all things automotive. It would come as no surprise that my early career would take me on a voyage of mechanical engineering/designing for some of the large automotive suppliers to the luxury car market.

Four wheels are great, but two wheels are even better (less is more) 😊 Consequently I developed a passion in all things to do with motorcycling.

I ride for relaxation and the feeling of freedom, and I believe there’s no better way to connect with our surroundings. I feel that on a good day, when your mind, body and situational awareness are working well together, riding can have a meditative effect and a positive influence on one’s mental health.

I like to seek out the roads less travelled and often find myself on remote backroads and tracks, exploring our wonderful country.

Over the past twenty years, riding has taken me to many places including the UK, mainland Europe, and North America.

Having been taught to ride in the UK by a Police Motorcyclist, I was introduced to the Roadcraft system, it was then that I realised that riding a motorcycle needed to be treated with respect. Skills needed to be learnt, developed, and maintained. All to keep me safe so I could continue to enjoy my passion. I became interested in advanced riding techniques and spent time training with the Institute of Advanced Motorists New Zealand to achieve my advanced rider qualification.

Subsequently I went on to train further and become a fully qualified NZTA Approved Motorcycle Instructor. 

I exercise a considered and patient approach to training. I take great pride and pleasure in sharing my extensive experience and knowledge in helping others develop their riding skills. There’s no greater pleasure than helping people develop their riding skills and witness them putting them to use. Safety is paramount and it is my hope that I can have a positive influence on helping riders stay safe on our roads but still having the fun and buzz we all love so much.