Fast-Track License $490

Fast-Track License $490

Combined Training and License Package

This is a combined one-on-one training and license assessment package. Whether you are after your restricted license or full, this package will allow you to undertake two hours of intensive training with one of our instructors, take a short refreshment break and then head straight into the assessment.

You are provided with a high quality two-way communication device for the duration of the half -day training. You will receive instruction on urban and rural roads.

This is a great option for people who are time short and do not have the time to sit a full days Ride Forever Training course.  

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What you need to have:

  • A valid New Zealand Restricted Motorcycle Licence (Class 6L or 6R) which does not expire before you sit the CBTA Full Assessment.

  • A fully road-worthy LAMS approved motorcycle. Road-worthy includes but not limited to; correctly inflated tyres, all lights working, fuel in the tank and current Registration and WOF.

  • A legal helmet and ideally protective motorcycle clothing, including jacket gloves and pants.

If you do not have a bike, or are struggling for gear, we can lend you a motorcycle, helmet, jacket and gloves for the duration of your training and also your subsequent CBTA assessment. 

CONTACT US to ask your question and find out more.

After the CBTA assessment:

Your riding performance is discussed, and you will be provided with specific feedback designed to encourage continuing skills development, which may (or may not) include the recommendation that you undertake further training. 

Having successfully completed the CBTA Assessment, you are then issued with a pass certificate which you exchange for a Restricted or Full Motorcycle Licence at one of the NZ Licensing Agents such as the AA or VTNZ.

There is an additional cost which you will need to pay at the licensing agent.